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The Danube Tower (Donauturm in German) is the highest structure in Austria and the most beautiful viewpoint over the city. The 252 meter high tower is about 4 km north of the city center on the other side of the Danube. Around the Danube Tower is the large and beautiful city park Donaupark.

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Go up the tower

Every day many visitors take elevators up to the highest tower in Austria. At the top you can walk on a terrace around the tower in the open air.

Even inside, which is protected from the weather, you can look through glass panes in all directions. The observation deck is at about 150 meters. On stairs you can go 2 floors higher, about 160 meters. Here are a cafe and a restaurant.

The elevator ride itself is also interesting. The elevator takes only about 30 seconds for the 150 meters. At the top of the elevators in the Danube Tower is a window. Through it, passengers can look down the elevator shaft. The elevator ride up the Danube Tower Vienna is always accompanied by a staff member.

Tickets Danube Tower for 2024

The entrance fee for adults is 18 euros (as of 2023). There were closures during the Corona crisis, after which there are reduced admission prices (as of June 2020). We recommend buying tickets for the Danube Tower in advance on the well-known ticket website Getyourguide. Just going to the tower is bad, as there might be no tickets left. At Getyourguide you can also find the current prices: >>>  On this link you can find the tickets for the Donauturm, exact prices and more info

View from the Danube Tower

You can, as I said, walk all around. The most interesting things for eye and camera are towards the south. Here you can see the wide Danube and the city center of Vienna.

Tip: Reserve a Venice gondola at a reasonable price.

The Danube is divided into 2 parts in the area for several kilometers. In between is the elongated island Danube Island, which you can also see well from the tower.

Even more interesting is the view from the Danube Tower Vienna to the city center. For example, you can see St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Not far from the Danube Tower is also the UNO City with its striking skyscrapers, which you can see well from the observation tower.

In the immediate vicinity around the Danube Tower you can also see well the park Donaupark and much more. Towards the north you can see well the outskirts of Vienna,

The Danube Tower looks like a television tower, as there are some in large German cities. It was also built, like most television towers, in the 1960s. However, the Danube Tower in Vienna is a pure observation tower and not a television tower (broadcasting tower).

If you visit the Danube Tower, you should also walk a bit around the tower in the Danube Park afterwards. There is also a small park train, with which you can ride for 5 euros in a circuit through the park. The starting point of the train is right next to the tower. Down in the tower is a nice restaurant with a nice beer garden.

How to get to the Donauturm

There is parking for visitors to the Danube Tower. Buses also go to the observation tower. On the one hand there are new, small electric buses from the stops of the subway “Alte Donau” (U1) and “Alte Donau” (U6).

There are also normal buses from the underground stops “Kaisermühlen VIC (U1) and Neue Donau (U6). However, all lines, whether public bus or electric shuttle, run only every 30 minutes. The electric shuttle runs during the week only from 16 o’clock.

>>>  On this link you can find the tickets for the Donauturm, exact prices and more info

Opening hours Donauturm

The Danube Tower can be visited from the morning, depending on the day of the week and the season, from 10 am or 11:30 am until late evening (about 11 pm or midnight). So you can also look at Vienna from above in the darkness of the night – very interesting.

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