Classical concerts at the Kursalon in Vienna

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For many tourists, attending a classical concert is the highlight of their trip to Vienna. There are several great concerts with outstanding orchestras and musicians in Vienna almost every day for tourists. Very famous and popular are the concerts in the Kursalon, a grandiose building in the city centre in Vienna’s Stadtpark. The “Salonorchester Alt Wien” presents classical music at a very high level. Almost all visitors are enthusiastic, the reviews on the internet are excellent. Our tip for a great evening in Vienna!

If you can and want to spend a little more, you can also book a very good dinner. The music played is partly by Mozart, partly by Strauss. The concert is very varied, with vocal interludes, etc.

Tickets on the Internet Concerts at the Kursalon Wien

>>> In this link you can find the tickets for the Strauss & Mozart concert : all tickets with and without dinner, special concerts like Christmas concert, New Year’s Eve concert, different categories etc.

The Kursalon Vienna

A new city park was opened in Vienna around 1860. The Kursalon was built in this park a few years later. After the opening of the Kursalon, classical concerts were held there. To this day it is one of the very great concert halls in Vienna.

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Not far away is the large station Karlsplatz. It is the largest station in Vienna for local transport at all. Several underground and tram lines meet here. The Kursalon is therefore very easy to reach.

The concert at the Kursalon

Concerts take place on many, not all, days. Depending on the season, there are several concerts per week or daily events. Sometimes there are also two classical concerts (at 6 pm and 8:30 pm)

For many visitors to the Mozart and Strauss concerts, the arias and duets are one of the highlights. Arias are solo vocal pieces, duets are singing by two people. Both are usually accompanied by instruments of the orchestra.

In addition, the visitor hears well-known waltzes, marches and polkas and other pieces composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss. Preferably very well-known pieces are played, among others Mozart’s Kleine Nachtmusik. Almost every layman also knows one or two waltzes. Johann Strauss is often called the king of waltzes. His most famous work is the world-famous Danube Waltz “An der schönen blauen Donau”.

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Short excerpt from a concert at the Kursalon Vienna a few years ago

Classical composers and classical music are probably Vienna’s most important contribution to the world’s culture. For this reason alone, one should visit a classical concert on a trip to Vienna. Music in the Kursalon is a great event, especially for normal visitors to Vienna who are not experts. For many visitors, it is probably the highlight of their trip to the capital of Austria.

There are different prices and categories. More expensive tickets are further forward. With VIP, you sit in the 1st or 2nd row. Make sure you get the programme booklet (worth about 5 euros) and a drink during the interval. We recommend this link to buy tickets.

You should also check out the city park around the Kursalon. Don’t miss the gilded Strauss statue not far from the salon.

By the way, the Kursalon Wien is also often called Kursalon Hübner in Vienna. The Renaissance-style building is also a magnificent sight. The large concert hall is also beautiful. Of course, the Renaissance was a few centuries earlier. But the great architecture of the Renaissance was revived in many buildings in the 19th century. For us, the Kursalon Wien is one of the most beautiful

Tickets on the Internet Concerts in the Kursalon Vienna

>>> In this link you can find the tickets for the Strauss & Mozart concert: All tickets with and without dinner, special concerts like Christmas concert, New Year’s Eve concert, different categories etc.

Dress code Kursalon Wien and further information

If you are going to a classical concert, the opera or similar, you should also be appropriately dressed in Vienna. There is also a dress code for the Mozart and Strauss concerts at the Kursalon in the Stadtpark. As far as we know, jeans and sports shoes (including sneakers etc.) are not allowed. Of course, one cannot appear in summer in shorts or the like either. Elegant evening dress is of course welcome and appropriate for the ambience in the Kursalon, but not a must.

There is an intermission during the concert. A glass of sparkling wine or orange juice is included with most tickets, so be sure to check this out if you buy your tickets online.

You should not arrive in the last minutes before the start, it is better to be at Kursalon Hübner about 20 to 30 minutes before the orchestra starts.

Most concerts start at 8:30 pm, less frequently there is a second performance at 6 pm.

There are also dinners and tickets with dinner at the Kursalon, usually for the performance at 6 p.m.

Photos and videos should only be taken if it does not disturb others and is permitted. Never use a flash during the performance, of course.

Around Christmas and New Year there are often special concerts that cost a little more (Christmas Concert in the Kursalon, New Year’s Concert in the Kursalon Vienna).

>>> Tickets Concerts in the Kursalon in the Vienna City Park

Examples of well-known music by Mozart and Strauss

Here are some YouTube videos with well-known compositions by world-famous musicians from Vienna to get you in the mood for the great concert in the Kursalon:

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